Autopsy and Case Reports
Autopsy and Case Reports


Volume 8, Issue 1, 2018 Jan-Mar.

8(1), 2018 Jan-Mar.

Autopsy kidneys: an overlooked resource Kammi J Henriksen
Continuous publication: changing the publishing model Fernando Peixoto Ferraz de Campos

Image in Focus
Muehrcke’s lines Nuno Teixeira Tavares; Andreia Costa; Margarida Damasceno

Letter to the Editor
Stance of pathology residents on declining number of autopsies Ameer Hamza
Virtual autopsy: Machine Learning and AI provide new opportunities for investigating minimal tumor burden and therapy resistance by cancer patients Shane O’Sullivan; Andreas Holzinger; Dominic Wichmann; Paulo Hilario Nascimento Saldiva; Mohammed Imran Sajid; Kurt Zatloukal
Fas-ligand and caspase-3 positivity in three cases of histiocytic sarcoma: a different etiopathogenic pathway? Cristiano Claudino Oliveira; Rafael Bispo Paschoalini; Maria Aparecida Custódio Domingues

Article / Autopsy Case Report
Gastric lethal hemorrhage due to Dieulafoy’s disease Cesar Cilento Ponce
Thymic teratoma presenting as non-immune hydrops fetalis Ameer Hamza; Eleftherios Vouyoukas; Ian Jacob Anderson; Martha Jaye Higgins
Disseminated toxoplasmosis in a patient with advanced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome Ricardo Garcia Pastorello; Anderson da Costa Lino Costa; Marcio Valente Yamada Sawamura; Antonio Carlos Nicodemo; Amaro Nunes Duarte-Neto

Article / Clinical Case Report
Traumatic injury to the internal carotid artery by the hyoid bone: a rare cause of ischemic stroke Fernando Peixoto Ferraz de Campos; Marcia Yoshie Kanegae; Vera Demarchi Aiello; Pedro José dos Santos Neto; Tatiane Carneiro Gratão; Erasmo Simão Silva
Huge recurrent gastric neuroendocrine tumor: a second-line chemotherapeutic dilemma Maria João Marques Ribeiro; Teresa Alonso; Pablo Gajate; Javier Molina; Arantzazu Barquin; Cristian Perna; Enrique Grande
Occurrence of mesothelial/monocytic incidental cardiac excrescences in material from open-heart procedures: case reports and literature review Vitor Gabriel Ribeiro Grossi; Karen Lee; Léa Maria Demarchi; Jussara Bianchi Castelli; Vera Demarchi Aiello
Suspicious scars: physical child abuse vs Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Amal Nishantha Vadysinghe; Chatula Usari Wickramashinghe; Dineshi Nadira Nanayakkara; Chandishni Ishara Kaluarachchi
Gingival complex odontoma: a rare case report with a review of the literature Marcos Custódio; Juliane Pirágine Araujo; Camila de Barros Gallo; Marília Trierveiler

Autops Case Rep

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