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Bilateral high origin and superficial trajectory of the deep femoral artery: clinical and applied anatomy

Gabriel Deveaux; William P. Mayer

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The anatomy of the femoral triangle is explored in various approaches, ranging from pulse verification to invasive catheterization procedures. Within the femoral triangle, the deep femoral artery is one of the vessels reported to present several anatomical variations that must be considered before clinical or surgical interventions. Here, we are reporting a unique bilateral variation of the deep femoral artery for medical education purposes and reflecting on its applied, surgical, and clinical anatomy. During the dissection of the femoral triangle, we observed that the deep femoral artery originated in the vicinity of the inguinal ligament and ran in parallel with the femoral artery in a superficial trajectory on both sides of the donor. On the right side, the DFA continued superficial for 8.8 cm, with an origin of 1.2 cm inferior to the inguinal ligament. On the left side, it presented a similar anatomical arrangement, though with an origin of 1.6cm inferior to the inguinal ligament and a superficial course of 5cm. The position of the lateral circumflex femoral vein posterior to the deep femoral artery played a role in this distinctive, lengthy, and superficial presentation of the deep femoral artery. This anatomical variation directly affects surgical procedures, diagnostics, and endovascular interventions. A deep femoral artery with such a lengthy superficial trajectory can be mistakenly used for catheterization instead of the femoral artery or be injured, disrupting the main blood supply of the thigh muscles.


Anatomy, Regional, Anatomic Variation, Femoral Artery, Dissection, Case Reports


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