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Autopsy and Case Reports
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Fatal hemorrhage from peripheral varicose vein rupture

Guendalina Gentile; Stefano Tambuzzi; Michele Boracchi; Alessandro Del Gobbo; Paolo Bailo; Riccardo Zoia

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Varix of the lower extremities is a common entity that eventually presents fatal outcome. Fatal massive bleeding due to rupture of a peripheral varicose vein is rare. The estimated incidence of these cases is 1/1000 autopsies. The case we present is unique among 26,054 autopsies performed in Milan from 1993 to 2020. It describes the investigations carried out in the suspicion of a non-natural event in an elderly woman. She was found dead at home with a large volume of blood near her feet that drained from the right leg. Pathological examination disclosed that the hemorrhage occurred by the rupture of a venous varix of the lower limb. Cases of fatal hemorrhage from peripheral variceal rupture are insidious and require proper characterization. The bloodstain pattern analysis, careful autopsy dissection by layers to demonstrate the rupture, and histologic examination of the lesion are the essential elements to find out the actual cause of death.


Autopsy, Hemorrhage, Varicose veins


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