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Autopsy and Case Reports
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De novo double-hit B-cell precursor leukemia/lymphoma - an unusual presentation as peritoneal lymphomatosis

Balamurugan Thirunavukkarasu; Jayanta Samanta; Prateek Bhatia; Amanjit Bal

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Peritoneal lymphomatosis (PL) is a rare presentation of extranodal precursor leukemia/lymphoma. The presentation is often non-specific, leading to delayed diagnosis and treatment. In this case, though the preliminary diagnosis was established on ascitic fluid cytology, the disease progressed rapidly, leading to demise before initiating chemotherapy. Immunophenotyping and molecular studies, performed later, established a diagnosis of de novo B-cell precursor leukemia/lymphoma with MYC, BCL2 rearrangements (Double-hit lymphoma). MYC, BCL2 rearrangements are rarely reported in precursor B-lymphoma/leukemia which carry dismal prognosis. In this report, we illustrate autopsy findings of PL in an elderly gentleman who presented with ascites for evaluation.


Precursor B-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, Peritoneal neoplasms, c-myc, Ascites


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