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The absence of piriformis muscle, combined muscular fusion, and neurovascular variation in the gluteal region

Matheus Coelho Leal; João Gabriel Alexander; Eduardo Henrique Beber; Josemberg da Silva Baptista

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ABSTRACT: The gluteal region contains important neurovascular and muscular structures with diverse clinical and surgical implications. This paper aims to describe and discuss the clinical importance of a unique variation involving not only the piriformis, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, obturator internus, and superior gemellus muscles, but also the superior gluteal neurovascular bundle, and sciatic nerve. A routine dissection of a right hemipelvis and its gluteal region of a male cadaver fixed in 10% formalin was performed. During dissection, it was observed a rare presentation of the absence of the piriformis muscle, associated with a tendon fusion between gluteus and obturator internus, and a fusion between gluteus minimus and superior gemellus muscles, along with an unusual topography with the sciatic nerve, which passed through these group of fused muscles. This rare variation stands out with clinical manifestations that are not fully established. Knowing this anatomy is essential to avoid surgical iatrogeny.


Anatomic Variation, Anatomy, Buttocks, Muscle, Piriformis Muscle Syndrome


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