Autopsy and Case Reports
Autopsy and Case Reports
Autopsy Case Report

Two cases of rare HHV8-driven intravascular lymphoma with synchronous Kaposi sarcoma, both diagnosed at autopsy in renal transplant recipients.

Paida Gwiti; Megan Jenkins; Judit Sutak; Zsombor Melegh

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ABSTRACT: We present the first report of two rare yet remarkably similar autopsy cases of Kaposi sarcoma (KS) and intravascular human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) positive lymphoproliferative disorder in renal transplant patients. It is well established that HHV8 infection causes Kaposi sarcoma (KS). More recently, it is recognized that HHV8 is also related to several lymphoproliferative conditions. These are poorly characterized and often difficult to diagnose. In both cases described herein, the diagnoses of multifocal hepatic KS and intravascular HHV8 positive (EBV negative) systemic diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, NOS were made at autopsy. Given the findings we describe in cases with fatal outcomes, we discuss the implications of HHV8 screening in solid allograft recipients.


Herpesvirus 8, Human, Sarcoma, Kaposi, Autopsy, Transplantation, Lymphoproliferative disorder, Intravascular lymphoma


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