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Autopsy and Case Reports
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Urogenital myiasis – An atypical presentation

Sayanti Paul; Purnima Upreti; Amrita Makhija; Ruchira Nautiyal

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ABSTRACT: The infestation of the human body by maggots has been reported worldwide and occurs most commonly in people of lower socioeconomic status and poor personal hygiene. Urogenital is the rarest site of myiasis presentations. Here we report the case of a 20-year-old, sexually inactive female student who presented with a necrotic growth in the paraurethral region infested with numerous maggots. The lesion involved the urethra and the bladder base. She was treated with debridement and bladder irrigation. The cystoscopy and local examination performed 2 weeks after admission, confirmed the complete healing of the urogenital lesion. Managing this patient’s unique challenge was to assess the extent of the involvement and removal of all maggots from the deepest wound portion. The female internal and external urogenital myiasis is a very occasional and under-reported health hazard. Reporting such cases increases the public and physician awareness about the mode of presentation, right diagnosis, and available treatment options.


Female Uro-genital Diseases, Myiasis, Urethral Diseases, Vaginal Discharge


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